Toshiba rolls out ‘The Perfection Promise’

Published March 18th, 2010 - 09:40 GMT

 Toshiba Computer Systems, a division of Toshiba Europe GmbH, today announces the launch of ‘The Perfection Promise,’ a unique product that services customers who have experienced various issues like laptop theft or accidental damages to their Toshiba laptop.

‘The Perfection Promise’ offers the following coverage as a complimentary benefit to all fully-paid Toshiba laptops purchased between March 15th and May 15th 2010:
• Accidental Damage coverage – Toshiba will give free of charge repair in case of any type of accidental damage to the laptop;
• Theft coverage – Toshiba will replace stolen laptop in case of theft that has been reported to the police;
• Unemployment coverage – Toshiba will give money back to the customer in case of unemployment within one year of purchase; and
• Satisfaction Coverage – Toshiba will replace or refund if the laptop is returned within 14 days of purchase.

“Toshiba recognises and understands that not everyone can be perfect; and that sometimes imperfect things happen. ‘The Perfection Promise’ is here to cater to customers who may experience such circumstances,” says Santosh Varghese, Regional General Manager, Computer Systems Division, Toshiba. “The concept is built on the trust that consumers place on Toshiba. ‘The Perfection Promise’ is an opportunity to return that trust committed to us. More than quality and value for money, the consumer’s peace of mind was kept a top priority in conceive this unrivalled product.”

‘Perfection Promise’
An earlier version was launched within Europe beginning 2009 where the product has seen an immense success in adding customer confidence towards Toshiba. “We are pleased to replace the previous version with ‘The Perfection Promise’ to our regional customers. Having this available in the region cements the trust we share with the Middle East market.”

Toshiba’s ‘The Perfection Promise’ runs from March 15 to May 15, 2010 and is open to residents in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. To participate, customers need to register within seven days after date of purchase. To view the service’s full terms and conditions, visit:

‘Most reliable’
Toshiba laptops have also been recently acclaimed for demonstrating ‘reliability’ in terms of its hardware functionality. A recent study from SquareTrade has shown that Toshiba stood out as one of the ‘most reliable’ laptop manufacturers. “‘The Perfection Promise’ complements this achievement. Being named ‘most reliable’ and offering an unprecedented protection to our customers build and fortify customer confidence in Toshiba,” states Sandor Van der Ham, General Manager, Toshiba Computer Systems Group, CIS&Baltics, Middle East, Africa, Turkey.

SquareTrade, the leading direct-to-consumer warranty company, has named Toshiba as one of the ‘most reliable’ laptops in the market in its recent study which analyses laptop reliability.  Based on a survey of more than 30,000 new laptops purchased by SquareTrade customers over the past three years, Toshiba, along with another vendor, stood out as the most reliable manufacturer, with a three-year malfunction rates forecast to be under 16%.

The study also concluded that Toshiba is a “solid bet” in terms of reliability. “Customers trust Toshiba for technology, quality and support. Toshiba constantly gears up to innovate and provide quality products to customers to ensure that they get value for money,” adds Van der Ham.

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