Trump Administration Not Sure How to Deal With Iran

Published June 24th, 2019 - 06:47 GMT
US President Donald Trump  (AFP)
US President Donald Trump (AFP)
Trump said Saturday that he was imposing new sanctions on Tehran to "make Iran great again."

There is a “clear divide” in the Trump administration in how to deal with Iran in the wake of the downing of a US drone violating the country’s airspace while the US president’s base remains against war with the Islamic Republic, an analyst says.

“It’s becoming evident that there is a clear divide within the Trump administration, that neocons continue to manipulate the administrative function… pushing him to the brink of war,” with Iran, Rodney Martin told Press TV Sunday.

But US President Donald Trump “backs down because he knows his political base; the base who elected him… has absolutely no appetite and is absolutely against any more wars in the Middle East,” said the Arizona-based analyst.

As he hopes to be reelected in 2020 presidential election, if the US commander in chief launches a war against Iran , “that would probably be the first time that he would see a decline in his political support.”

Martin further described as “charade,” attempts by neocons to force Trump into military engagement against Iran and to continue economic terrorism in the form of sanctions,” based on false accusations that Iran is developing nuclear bombs.

Trump said Saturday that he was imposing new sanctions on Tehran to "make Iran great again."

“The United States cannot make Iran great again. Iran has been a great country for centuries before the United States was even created,” he noted. “Iran has been quite well in spite of US sanctions.”

Tehran has time and again asserted that it does not seek war with the US, yet stands ready to defend its interests in the region.

Martin also noted that Iran was “wholly correct” to shoot down an American spy drone, which ignored the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)'s repeated warnings and intruded into the country’s airspace.

He further slammed “the false narratives and intellectual dishonesty of American administrations going back to the [Ronald] Reagan administration.”

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