Twenty Taliban militants killed in northwestern Afghanistan security operations

Published May 16th, 2016 - 06:00 GMT
Taliban militants in Afghanistan. (AFP/File)
Taliban militants in Afghanistan. (AFP/File)

Twenty Taliban fighters, including three commanders, have been killed in security operations in northern Faryab and western Ghor provinces, officials said on Sunday.

In Faryab, the insurgents attacked security posts of uprising members on Saturday evening in Gilimbaf area of the Pashtunkot district, the provincial council chief, Mohammad Tahir Rahmani, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

He said seven Taliban fighters, including their commander Ghulam Mohammad alias Mullah Khanjar, were killed in the ensuing clash that was still ongoing.

A public uprising commander Dost Mohammad was also killed, he said, accusing the Taliban of also killing two civilians on the charge of cooperation with the government.

The Pashtunkot district chief, Abdul Qadir Qadari, said five Taliban, including their commander and a member of public uprising, had been killed and four Taliban fighters injured during the clash.

Faryab police spokesman Abdul Karim Yurish said Taliban also attacked security checkpoints in Shirin Tagab district on Saturday night.

The clash left two Taliban commanders, Mullah Khairullah and Mullah Habibullah, dead and two fighters injured.

In western Ghor province, nine Taliban fighters were killed and as many wounded after security forces ambushed them in Pasaband district, the governor’s spokesman, Abdul Hai, said. The forces also confiscated eight weapons belonging to the rebels.

Separately, another two Taliban insurgents were killed and a third detained during an operation in Ghorqand and Khak Mullah villages on the southern outskirts of Ferzokoh, the capital of Ghor, public order police official Col. Mohmud Andarabi said.

By Qutbuddin Kohi and Hassan Hakimi

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