U C MAS starts the new academic year with 3 new partnerships

Published September 28th, 2009 - 02:12 GMT

U C MAS Jordan will continue its mental arithmetic system this school year with its previous partners and new ones.  Since its launch in the summer of 2008, U C MAS has 26 schools and educational centers supporting its unique after school program.  Now, three more schools are making UCMAS available for their students.
The program improves concentration, observation and listening, imagination and visualization, memory, speed and accuracy, creativity and self-confidence.

UCMAS is a tool for brain development. The harmonious action between the organs of human body and limbs, especially the triggering of “image in brain” is the promoter of tapping the function of the brain in mental arithmetic by Zhusuan used in the U C MAS program. Research on brain science reveals that the left hemisphere provides analytical information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning language and sound; the right hemisphere provides integral information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning the shape and space. UCMAS uses the abacus as a training tool and through constant exploration and practice the children develop the ability to use a “virtual” or “mental” abacus constructed in their right brains which enables them to process numbers mentally. During this mental process the child will be practically training his/her mental skills. Numerous examples prove that people who learn abacus Mental Arithmetic since childhood are more outstanding in intelligence, academics and overall behavior.

Mr. Moataz Azar, General Manager of U C MAS Jordan stated, “U C MAS Jordan considers the schools and educational institute’s partners because they are truly collaborators in our mission.  Together we are developing children’s capacity and providing them with lifelong tools that will help them excel in school and in their future careers.  We look forward to continue expanding our network so that no child is left behind.”


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