UN General Assembly holds debate on West Bank wall

Published July 16th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

The United Nations General Assembly held an emergency session Friday to review a draft resolution demanding that Israel comply with the latest International Court of Justice ruling that the West Bank separation wall is illegal and must be dismantled.  


Palestinian envoy to the UN Nasser al-Kidwa said the vote could come Monday. 


"We haven't finished some negotiations yet, and some people - they need some more time to absorb the lengthy and important advisory opinion," he said. "We will have a good debate and a vote probably not Friday but Monday." 


"This is a balanced resolution but we are open-minded," al-Kidwa said as the emergency assembly session started. 


Al-Kidwa said Israel should also face the threat of sanctions. "Israel will have to choose whether to declare itself -- officially, morally and legally -- an outlaw state, or to reconcile itself with a new reality," Kidwa told the assembly.  


The Palestinians expect "broad support" for the draft resolution, which was introduced by Arab nations and the Nonaligned Movement of 116 mostly developing countries. 


For his part, the Israeli envoy to the UN dismissed this Palestinian claim, stating "They (Palestinians) should not lecture anyone about the rule of law or accuse others of being outlaws. We have indeed reached the point where the inmates are running the asylum," Dan Gillerman told assembly delegates. (Albawaba.com) 

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