US Troops Shot, Kill 15-year-old Girl in Baghdad

Published September 22nd, 2022 - 11:40 GMT
 Zainab Essam Al Khazali
Zainab Essam Al Khazali (twitter)

ALBAWABA - American troops shot and killed a 15-year-old Iraqi girl on the streets of Baghdad. Her name and her story are trending on the social media.

The tweets on the social media tell the story of the tragic shooting and killing of Zainab Essam Al Khazali by American soldiers on the area who were supposed to be on military drill in the Abu Gharib area. These are US soldiers stationed at the Victoria military base near the Baghdad International Airport. 

She was killed while she was on the family farm helping her father. The question that begs itself is why were American troops holding their training exercises in areas clearly full of inhabitants?

Her name is trending on the media with her photo in white dress, pointing to the fact Iraq has long become a battle ground. Iraqi security forces and police have has started investigations that has shocked the country not least of all because of the young age of the girl. 

Among the hashtags related to the case is (#US#Iraq) and so on. The point is being made is that the girl wasn't killed by Iran or Russia but by American troops in Iraq.

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