Victim's Mother Wants Yemen Serial Killer 'Chopped to Pieces'

Published May 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A Sudanese morgue assistant in Yemen who allegedly murdered young women for use in medical experiments should be "chopped into pieces," a victim's mother said Saturday. 

"My only dream now is to see the body of Mohammad Adam (Omar) chopped into pieces like he did to all those girls," Karimah Motlak, an Iraqi living in the United Arab Emirates, told Gulf News. 

"I would do it myself, with my own hands, in a public place in the middle of Sanaa if they would let me," said the mother. 

"I will dedicate my whole life to avenge my innocent daughter and the many other victims of this human monster," said Motlak, whose family traveled to Yemen to investigate 23-year-old Zainab's disappearance from Sanaa University in December. 

The Iraqi said she alerted Yemeni police to her suspicions against Omar, an assistant at the morgue of the university's medical faculty, as soon as her daughter went missing. 

The suspect was detained for a few days but released for lack of evidence until the morgue was searched for a second time earlier this month at the family's insistence. 

A "secret chamber" was found at the morgue, said Motlak, adding that her family had been subjected to death threats, an attempted shooting and the kidnapping of Zainab's uncle to force them to abandon their investigation. 

On Friday, Yemen's interior ministry said that Omar, who has reportedly admitted to killing between 27 and 51 women in Yemen, other Arab countries and Eritrea, was at present faced with only two murders: that of Zainab and a Yemeni student. 

The ministry had no information on any other murders. 

Executions are normally carried out by firing squad in Yemen, where legislation is based on Islamic sharia laws allowing a victim's family to spare a convicted killer's life in return for blood money - DUBAI (AFP) 


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