Viral: Biden And Italy's New PM Meloni Get Off on The Wrong Foot!

Published September 30th, 2022 - 06:46 GMT
Giorgia Meloni
Giorgia Meloni of the Brothers of Italy flashes the victory sign as she delivers a speech on 23 September 2022 (AFP)

ALBAWABA - Joe Biden's comments on the recent Italian elections is getting much flak on the social media. It shouldn't be any of his business to make his views heard 'loud and clear' on another NATO country who has just elected an extreme rightwing prime minister in the name of Giorgia Meloni but that doesn't seem to matter.

Biden was speaking at a Democrat Convention and he was clearly eyeing the US mid-term. He believes a global shift to the right would certainly be bad for the United States. He doesn't mince his words believing that the election's right turnaround means that "democracy is at stake" not only in Italy but the whole world. 

The social media has been buzzing with comment, reaction and news. Surely this is not the right way to talk about an ally even if its not of the same political persuasion. The US State Department moved quickly for damage control, stating the United States would deal with Italy under any government it election - rightwing or not because of the NATO alliance and the relations betweem the two countries. 

So what Biden did in his comments was to create another embarrassing diplomatic incident especially since  Meloni won the elections "fair and square" by the Italian electorate, and everyone would just have to live with it. Her Brothers Party, which is the furthest to reach to Benito Mussolini fascists, got about 26 percent of the national vote and with an alliance of other extreme right parties - at 44 percent of the vote is likely to form Italy's next government. 

So no jitters please! Quite a few people didn't like what Biden said or of the way he expressed himself. Here is one:

Here's is another that suggest Biden is just an 'alarmist politician' and that there is no need to be frightened even if Europe is turning to the right: 


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