Western Leaders Plus India Congratulate Naftali Bennett For Israeli Cabinet

Published June 14th, 2021 - 05:33 GMT
Biden calls Bennett, world leaders congratulate new Israeli government
Israeli demonstrators celebrate with foam the passing of a Knesset vote confirming a new coalition government during a rally in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv on June 13, 2021.
The US "remains unwavering in its support for Israel's security," Biden said, saying that the US government is committed to working with the new Israeli government

World leaders congratulate Prime Minister Naftali Bennet and Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid on forming a new government after being sworn in on Sunday evening. 

US President Joe Biden congratulated Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on a phone call Sunday night, and expressed his wishes to further strengthen ties between the two countries.

On the call, Bennett thanked Biden for his congratulatory message and for his long standing commitment to Israel and its security.

Bennett also thanked Biden for his support during Operation Guardian of the Walls, the most recent escalation between Israel and the ally terror groups in the Gaza Strip, and that he considers him an ally.

The two leaders emphasized the importance of the alliance between Israel and the United States, as well as their commitment to strengthening ties between the two countries and to maintaining the security of the State of Israel.

On Monday, Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid and  US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed the importance of maintaining a ceasefire in Gaza, according to the US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

They also addressed the importance of promoting normalization agreements between Israel and Arab countries as well as the Iranian issue.

This follows their conversation after the Knesset voted to approve the government on Sunday evening during which, Lapid and Blinken, the two top diplomats spoke about the "special" relationship between the US and Israel.

Lapid thanked Blinken for the call, and towards the end Blinken invited his Israeli counterpart to Washington.

"On behalf of the American people, I congratulate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Alternate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, and all the members of the new Israeli cabinet," Biden said in a statement released moments after the new government was sworn in.

"Israel has no better friend than the United States," he continued. "The bond that unites our people is evidence of our shared values and decades of close cooperation."

The US "remains unwavering in its support for Israel's security," Biden said, saying that the US government is committed to working with the new Israeli government.

He concluded, "My administration is fully committed to working with the new Israeli government to advance security, stability, and peace for Israelis, Palestinians, and people throughout the broader region."

"Thank you, Mr. President!" Bennett said in response to Biden's comment. "I look forward to working with you to strengthen ties between our two countries."

Vice President of the United States Kamal Harris tweeted on Monday, "We look forward to working closely with Israel’s new government to build on the strong bonds between our two countries and advance security and peace for Israelis and Palestinians."

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau joined in with his own congratulatory message to Bennett and Lapid. Saying that Canada "remains firm in its commitment to a two-state solution." Trudeau also thanked former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his important partnership over the years.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also offered his congratulations to the new Prime Minister as he tweeted:

"On behalf of the UK, I offer my congratulations to Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid on forming a new government in Israel. As we emerge from COVID-19, this is an exciting time for the UK and Israel to continue working together to advance peace and prosperity for all."

As did UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. 

"Congratulations to Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid on forming a new government in Israel. I look forward to continued cooperation on security, trade and climate change, and working together to secure peace in the region.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also congratulated Bennett saying that she wished to strengthen the friendship between the two countries and  that she hopes to work closely with him.

German Foreign Affairs Minister Heiko Maas congratulated the new government on Twitter Sunday evening. 

"Congratulations to the new government of #IsraelFlag of Israel and to Yair Lapid, who I am excited to work with. Mazel tov! Germany will always be by Israel’s side. And thank you, Gabi Ashkenazi, for your outstanding service and friendship."

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also congratulated Bennett and Lapid in a tweet, saying he looks forward to working with both of them.

"Austria is committed to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and will continue to stand by Israel‘s side," Kurz said.

Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi wished Prime Minister Bennett his congratulations on Monday morning, tweeting in Hebrew, "To celebrate the upcoming 30-year mark of the diplomatic relations of our two countries, I hope to meet with you and strengthen our strategic relationship." 

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