WikiLeaks: Iran shipped nuclear equipment to Sudan

Published June 23rd, 2015 - 05:40 GMT

A top secret Saudi memo contends that Iran shipped nuclear equipment to Sudan, in a shocking leak that comes ahead of a June 30 deadline for Iran nuclear talks with world powers.

The revelation was part of a huge trove of documents published on the Wikileaks web site. The trove of 60,000 documents was published last week, with the bulk of them said to be secret communications between the government in Riyadh and Saudi embassies around the world.

Among the documents, for example, is one that claims that a group of students from Saudi Arabia and a number of other Gulf states visited the Israeli Embassy in Washington as part of an international education program.  Saudi Arabia has denied the veracity of the documents, saying that most of them were “probably faked.”

In a document publicized Tuesday, Saudi diplomats in Khartoum said that Iran may have shipped equipment, including centrifuges needed to create fuel for nuclear weapons, to Sudan in 2012.

“The embassy's sources advised that Iranian containers arrived this week at Khartoum airport containing sensitive technical equipment in the form of fast centrifuges for enriching uranium, and a second shipment is expected to arrive this week,” Reuters quoted the documents as saying.

The document does not provide details on how the equipment might have been shipped, or what Sudan planned to do with it. It also did not supply further evidence of the shipment.

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