Within the Street Furniture Project, GAM Completes the Installation of 60 Modern Bus Stops

Within the Street Furniture Project, GAM Completes the Installation of 60 Modern Bus Stops
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Published October 12th, 2010 - 14:08 GMT

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The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has recently finalized the installation of 60 modern bus stops out of 700, along with 150 advertising panels of 2m2, 14 seats, and waste baskets within the street furniture project which Al Nawares for Outdoor Advertising has commenced executing since April of this year, according to a signed agreement for this purpose with GAM.

According to the agreement, street furniture is to be installed within a period of two years at specified locations (by GAM), provided that the property of such furniture is to return to GAM upon the expiration of the agreement (twenty year's contract).

The next stage includes the installation of 50 modern bus stops in the areas of Sahab,Al Jeezah, Bader, Uhud, Marj Al Hamam, Wadi Al seer, Khreibet Al Souq ( Madaba street), and Abu Nseir. Digging and excavation works are being underway in these areas following the permits given to contractors to fulfill the job. And, in the pipeline, there are 70 advertising panels of 2m2 waiting to be installed in the few coming days.

Bus stops have already been installed in Zahran street, from the fourth Circle to the Eighth , King Hussein Street, Khaled Ibn Al Waleed Street, Queen 'Alia Street, and Abdul Hameed Sharaf Street, , whereas, work is being underway in King Abdullah I Street, and the Ten Bridges

It is worth mentioning that the Agreement stipulated that the Company is to manufacture and install 700 bus stops, 500 waste baskets, 150 seats, and 1200 advertising panels of 2m2, 15 panels of which are to be devoted for GAM's own non commercial announcements and advertisements.

The Company, which has set up a center to manage and maintain the street furniture, shall have exclusive rights, within the jurisdiction of GAM, to all 2m2 panels advertising, and priority of the 1m2 to 7,5m2 panels within the borders of GAM 

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