Women, Opposition Back in Kuwait's Parliament

Published October 1st, 2022 - 05:40 GMT
Kuwaiti women voters
Kuwaiti women voters (AFP)

ALBAWABA - With elections out of the way in Kuwait, MPs can now sit in the new 17th legislative assembly for another four-term legislative process. Kuwait's legislative experiment goes back to 1963 when the first elections were held in the country. 

This elections, coming after much recriminations between the legislature and government as these elections come in under two years - produced much surprises for the number of  opposition MPs who were elected. Among the main winners were prominent opposition leader and former three-time speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun, 87, who is tipped to become the next Assembly speaker.

He is a part of a large contingent of Kuwaiti opposition groups who secured nearly 60% of the seats in the 50-seat National Assembly, according to the final results of early elections announced on Friday with only 23 members of the previous parliament managing to keep their seats in the new parliament, while 27 are new members.

Also surprising is the fact that two new women MPs were voted in the new National Assembly.  Alia Al-Khaled and Jenan Bushehri were among the 22 women who stood for parliament among the 305 prospective candidates. Their women signals the return of women to parliament. This time around there was strong women voters who were going out to the polling booths in the country that has around 800,000 voters.

Other features produced was the number of representatives of the Shia bloc rose from six to nine, two people who are currently in jail also won seats whilst the Muslim Brotherhood fighting under the Islamic Constitutional Movement (Hadas), got only five seats. 


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