Yemen’s Popular Resistance Committees recaptures Houthi-held area south of Taiz

Published July 26th, 2016 - 03:25 GMT
Taiz, Yemen during a brief ceasefire. (AFP/File)
Taiz, Yemen during a brief ceasefire. (AFP/File)

According to AE24, members of Yemen's Popular Resistance Committees regained control of a strategic location near Taiz, in southern Yemen.

The area was previous heavily controlled by Houthi rebels and military factions in support of former President Ali Abdallah Saleh. 

Sources from the Popular Resistance Committees stated that "the resistance regained control of the as-Sarari region, south of the city, and purged the city of all institutions and government facilities that were inside, after violent clashes with Houthis and forces loyal to Saleh."

A source confirmed to AE24 that "dozens" of Houthis and Saleh forces were killed and wounded in the fighting. Popular Resistance Committees troops captured 25 people and will subject them to interrogation.

As-Sarari is a strategically significant location, as it is at a higher elevation and overlooks Taiz. While under Houthi control, it was a launchpoint for bombs and the hub of monitoring activity in the city.

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