‘We'll Have to Think Whether to Re-Install Trump as the US President’: Russian Anchor

Published July 6th, 2022 - 08:25 GMT
‘We'dll Have to Think Whether to Re-Install Trump as the US President’: Russian Anchor
Olga Skabeyev is one of the most loyal TV presenters to Putin in Russian media and is often referred to as the "Iron Doll of Putin's TV".

For the second consecutive month, heated conversations and threats by pro-Putin Russian TV stirred debates, after well-known presenter Olga Skabeyev claimed that Russia "should carefully think before re-installing Donald Trump as US President".

During her TV show, 60 Minutes aired on Rossiya-1, the "Iron Doll of Putin's TV" Olga Skabeyev hosted several Russian commentators to discuss old remarks made by former US President Donald Trump, promising to "destroy the Russian Federation and Putin's hegemony".

Even though Donald Trump's remarks were made during a speech he delivered at a Texas rally in January 2022, prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian commentator highlighted it and claimed that this will lead the Russians to reconsider "reinstalling Trump as the US President again". 

Speaking to her guests, Olga Skabeyev explained "will have to think whether to re-install him again as the American president. We haven't decided yet."

The video was shared and translated by Julia Davis, the Columnist at The Daily Beast and the creator of the Russian Media Monitor. 

In response, hundreds of Twitter users retweeted the video and questioned whether or not her remarks point to an actual Russian intervention in US elections in 2016, an accusation that was investigated by the US Senate for several years.

Other commentators argued that Olga Skabeyev's claims were part of an anti-western propaganda campaign meant to divide Americans over Russia, to help the latter who is waging a full military war in Ukraine since February 2022. 

Olga Skabeyev is widely known as a leading Russian propagandist for her strong stance in support of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and she usually uses her air time to support policies by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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