With $200 Million Kordahi Might be 'Selling up' and Riding Out of Lebanon

Published November 17th, 2021 - 11:02 GMT
George Kordahi
George Kordahi (AFP File Photo)

ALBAWABA - The George Kordahi affair is turning out to be a sordid one. The Lebanese Prime Minister Nijeeb Mikati maybe now be kicking himself  for appointing Kordahi as the Information Minister, no doubt to add media savvy spice to the job. 

But this is old news now. What is done is done. In his comments on the Yemeni war, long-made before he was appointed minister not only he became a hot political potato, but ruined Lebanon's relations with the Gulf countries and especially Saudi Arabia. 

But clearly the saga has not ended there! Since the crisis the Lebanese government has been trying to get rid of Kordahi but according to the confessional system in the country, he must resign by his own accord or be agreed upon by the Merida Party which apparently agreed to appoint him in the first place. 

It appears now Kordahi is willing to resign. He hinted to the fact days ago when he said he doesn't want his resignation to be mere bubbles or hot air. What he was trying to say is he wants to make sure relations between Beirut, Riyadh and the other Gulf capitals  - which were severed - to resume quickly and normally. Kordahi already said he didn't mean to upset Saudi Arabia, a Kingdom which he very much respects. 

But the saga continues! He is now not only almost certain to resign but selling up and leaving to where nobody knows! Maybe France where he is property there as he says. This again, has put the social media cat among to pigeons to use a quaint English phrase. 

Its Kordahi again not the crisis-infested politician but the millionaire; its all over the social networks. According to him, his properties - all be told 419 items of land - a stark collection, and no doubt buildings, mostly in Lebanon and some in France - are being sold to the highest bidder. 

He admits to the flabbergasted anchor who asked him how much these are worth, he plainly said, and with no compunction but much transparency in his voice, $200 million. The anchor's jaw virtually dropped but this is the way things are. 

More revealing is the fact, and thanks to the social networks, Kordahi has appointed a Lebanese attorney to start the process of selling his properties in Lebanon minus the hefty commission the lawyer would be getting. The contract between Kordahi and the lawyer is there on social for every to see and read for themselves! 

Its in Arabic but there is also translation for anyone wishing to find out more. Off course the Arabic bloggers have been talking about with much relish and thrill with their usual comments but what this points to is the fact that the Kordahi story is not going to go away any time soon.

Off course there are the cynics and the blamers too for the legal contract with the lawyer states also that after the sale of each property the amount is to be deposited in a Swiss bank account. 

One blogger points out if all the money is deposited in Lebanon it may prop up the Lebanese Lira which is rapidly sinking. But would Kordahi did that? Will any of the other Lebanese millionaire, billionaire politicians do that for that matter?  


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