A 2015 Show Predicted 2022 to Have Only One Man Left on Earth

Published January 5th, 2022 - 07:20 GMT
The Last Man on Earth
The Last Man on Earth was first released in 2015. (Vanity Fair)
The Last Man on Earth starred Will Forte, January Jones, and Cleopatra Coleman.

At a time humanity is welcoming 2022 with unprecedented spikes in COVID-19 infections, especially as fast-spreading Omicron makes it to more and more countries, online people noticed that a 2015 show had predicted an end for the human race in 2022.

The show which was produced by Fox in 2015 followed the life events of an Arizona man, Phil Mille, as he finds out he was the last man alive on planet Earth.

Phil Mille, played by American actor Will Forte, then travels across the United States in an RV looking for survivors after a virus wiped out the human race in 2022.

Celebrating the new year, 2022, many Twitter users shared screenshots from the show as individuals can be seen wearing face masks and gloves, trying to protect themselves from the virus, highlighting the irony compared to how the world has been going about daily life for the last two years since COVID-19 broke out.

Some also expressed their shock when they realized that the show was made four years before the pandemic, saying they had assumed it was based on the coronavirus outbreak.

This is not the first TV Show that has predicted a deadly virus to threaten human lives. In 2018, the Korean drama "My Secret Terrius" portrayed medical staff depicted a dangerous mutant of the Coronavirus.

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