Accident or Assassination Attempt? Saudi Prince Miraculously Survives Car Fire

Published June 17th, 2020 - 09:09 GMT
An Accident or an Assassination? Saudi Prince Miraculously Survives Car Fire
Mohammed bin Khaled bin Talal Al Saud has survived a fatal car accident. (Twitter: @AAzizTalal)

Hours after several members of the Saudi royal family posted photos of Mohammed bin Khaled's burned car; announcing that he's survived a horrible road accident, some Saudi Twitter users speculated that it may have been a failed assassination attempt orchestrated by royal rivals.

Translation: "Thank God Mohammad bin Khaled is safe. I wish you a speedy recovery."

Despite posts of his uncles and cousins clearly stating that he survived an unfortunate car fire, wishing him a speedy recovery, some online comments insisted on linking Mohammed bin Khaled's accident to political motives.

According to some tweets, the young prince has been critical of his cousin, the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, which might have "pushed him to get the Saudi intelligence to try and stage his murder as a car accident." They also claimed that he's been arrested several times because of his views.

However, these comments didn't provide any further proof of such claims.

Translation: "A bombing organized by Saudi intelligence. Mohammad bin Khalid bin Talal Al Saud has survived a car bombing. Khalid has opposed Mohammad bin Salman and has been arrested several times. This could be the last message sent to him."

Translation: "It's nothing but a car accident and he's safe and sound."

Translation: "he [MBS] won't have any competitors"

Mohammed bin Khaled's brother Al-Walid has also survived a fatal accident 14 years ago but has since been in a coma, which is the reason he's been nicknamed "the sleeping prince."

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