Afghani Women Protest Taliban Rule Nationwide

Published September 6th, 2021 - 09:16 GMT
Afghani women protest
Afghani women protest (

ALBAWABA – Women are fighting back. This is not the Afghanistan of 1996, but it is the country of today.

Afghani women are no longer afraid; they are on a nationwide protest with demonstrations in Kabul, moving to Herat in the west of the country and moving to Balkh up north. The protests started after the Taliban took power on 14 August, 2021.

One writing on the social media says “we are unstoppable”. Even in Mazar-e-Sharif in the west of the country, bordering Pakistan, women took to the streets. Although such protests were unclear: Is it for the support of women rights or for the Taliban rule against the Americans?  But it was clear chanting ‘we won’t vanish’.

Women are today vocal and coherent as many are educated. The previous democratic experiment prior to 14 August has allowed them high representation in the Afghan Parliament in Kabul.

One tweeted that the number women MPs was relatively high at 27 percent of parliament and have to make sure this figures stays there or at the very least doesn’t go down.

Although it has been suggested that the nationwide protests were handled “violently” in some cases, the fact that they are taking place must surely speak about the change of the times among the new Taliban rulers.

The Taliban spokesman while stressing that women shouldn’t protests in the streets because of the “sensitive security situation” he pointed out that such actions is the right of women ‘but they have to communicate with us.”

Women may not be in a mood to listen just yet. One rather “revolutionary” tweet was made suggesting women need to take up arms to claim their rights….because they have “the opportunity to write a new history with the defeat of the Taliban.


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