Americans Between #CancelHulu and #RepublicanJesus

Published July 26th, 2022 - 06:34 GMT
Americans Between #CancelHulu and #RepublicanJesus
The two hashtags #CancelHulu and #RepublicanJesus have been trending online in the United States. (Twitter)
#BoycottHulu, #CancelHulu and #RepublicanJesus are trending hashtags in the United States.

As US politics continue to get more complicated with the latest decisions banning abortions on the federal level and the ongoing discussion over gun laws, two hashtags have been trending on Twitter with different political messages.

Whether it is the influence of the upcoming midterm elections or the latest decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) over abortion, Americans seem to be more polarized than ever, and we can clearly see it in the two hashtags that have been trending in the United States: #CancelHulu and #RepublicanJesus.

On the first hashtag #CancelHulu, many Americans are stating their boycott of the streaming service Hulu, following their refusal to air advertising campaigns that discuss political controversies that are in favor of democratic stances, such as abortion rights, gun control, economic policies, and the January 6 Capitol attack.

Cancel Hulu Republican Jesus

Meanwhile, many social media users took the hashtag #RepublicanJesus to attack Republican policies, saying conservative politicians often use Christian values to justify it while it goes against Jesus' teachings, particularly GOP policies towards women, refugees, and guns.

Next November, millions of Americans will be casting their votes in the 2022 midterms, which is drawing great competition between the two main political parties in the country, as it can either strengthen the Democratic White House or limit its powers in case a GOP majority takes over Congress.

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