Bikini or Burkini: Lebanese split over swimwear

Published May 22nd, 2023 - 05:45 GMT
Saida, swimwear

ALBAWABA - Protests erupted in Saida where Lebanese split over what swimwear to wear on beach after a woman was attacked for wearing an "improper" swimwear on the beach.

Maysa Hanouni was on a public beach along with her husband when she was attacked by a group people accompanied by a religion man.

Two protests took place in Saida, where some people called for the freedom of dress code on beaches, meanwhile, others called for a decent clothes.

Many females took part in the protest against strict rules holding banners that read: "Bikini was invited in 1930," "Keep your eyes away from me so I can get tan," and "You're leading us to the Stone Age."

Clashes between the two groups were reported as Lebanese army forces attempted to disperse the demonstrators. 

A social media user posted a list of restrictions which people should cling to during their time on the beach in Saida, the list included: "Alcohol, loud music are prohibited and Pets are not allowed on the beach as well as modest dress is a must."

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