'Caravan of light': Syrians Plan Biggest Migrate From Turkey to EU

Published September 12th, 2022 - 10:20 GMT
caravan of light
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Thousands of Syrians are planning to join an enormous convoy with the hope to ride it to migrate from Turkey toward Europe. The 'caravan of light' is a campaign which was launched online calling thousands of Syrians in Turkey to hold a mass migration to the EU protesting living conditions and discrimination they are facing in Turkey.

Syrian migrants also called human rights organizations in Europe to facilitate their migration from Turkey to Europe. According to the official page on Facebook, the idea came against the backdrop of the deteriorating economic and living conditions of Syrian refugees in Turkey, and the ongoing racism against them, in addition to the deportation campaigns and decisions that restrict their presence in the country.

(Source: Facebook)

A page was spotted on Telegram with over 14 thousand people under the 'caravan of light' campaign where people are planning for the biggest migration from Turkey to Europe calling migrants to bring their tents and life supplies for the road trip as they are intending to cross the road walking.

However, the 'caravan of light' campaign page on social media didn't mention the date or the time when the convoy is expected to start its road trip from Turkey to Europe, but it's likely to happen very soon.

Various reactions emerged online following the launch of the 'caravan of light' campaign on social media platforms as some people said that it will stay online as it is impossible to immigrate easily from Turkey to Europe as migrants are at this time facing harsh pressures to return to Syria.

While others hoped that through the 'caravan of light', immigrants may get the chance to shed the light on the issues they are facing in Turkey and across the world as well as they may be able to get more facilitated measures for a decent life as Syrians in Turkey and abroad are facing harsh discrimination following their escape from the war which started in 2011.

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