China Says No to Video Games With Effeminate Males Characters or Gay Relationships

Published October 6th, 2021 - 08:41 GMT
Video games will be banned if hosted LGBT characters or promoted effeminate males
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Video games should promote regular culture and history, China says.

A leaked document shows that China will be banning any coming video games that contravene “correct values” and “accurate understanding” of Beijing’s culture and history.

According to the South China Morning Post which reviewed the document, which was unveiled after a session training session organized by China’s state-backed gaming association, the country will refuse any video games promoted “effeminate males,” the promotion of same-sex relationships, and the showing of characters who have no “clear gender.”

The document also consisted that if any of the video games’ male characters dressed in female cloth or “if regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised.”

China wants clear video game plots without any blurred moral boundaries adding that customers shouldn’t be given a choice of being good or evil, sources justified.

On the other hand, LGBT advocates and human rights activists have strongly denounced the memo launched by China saying that video games should represent real life and such bans restrict human rights of choice and prompt hate crimes against the queer community.

Others suggested that video games creators should stop supplying China, while some sarcastically suggested that video games with gay or no clear gender characters must be removed from the game only in China.

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However, some have supported China’s video games memo as one posted: “I'm saying good for China. They have more moral values than the US now. Sad and Scary.” Another person also added that this move is “in the right direction, but too little too late.”

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