Congressman Eric Swalwell: Did He Have an Affair With a Chinese Spy?

Published June 23rd, 2022 - 06:12 GMT
Eric Swalwell Chinese spy
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A tweet by congressman Eric Swalwell has triggered varied reactions online.

A tweet by Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell has prompted strong reactions in the last few hours, particularly as commentators weighed on two-year-old accusations of him having an affair with a Chinese spy.

In his tweet, California Rep. Eric Swalwell talked about an incident he encountered during a tour at the Capitol on Wednesday when he was approached by a father and his son. Eric Swalwell said that when the father saw him, he told his young boy that "Swalwell was trouble" because "he doesn't back Trump".


Eric Swalwell explained that he "kept walking and felt sad for the boy" for he "is raised in a cult family", indirectly attacking supporters of former US President Donald Trump.

In response, many online commentators attacked Eric Swalwell, by bringing back claims "of him having an affair with a Chinese Spy" prior to 2020.

Allegations of the affair between Eric Swalwell and the Chinese spy were first made in December 2020, when a report by Axios cited FBI intelligence of a suspected Chinese agent named Fang Fang or Christine Fang, who had been trying to form close ties with US politicians for years, including Eric Swalwell.

According to the FBI information, the Chinese spy was able to develop a close relationship with Eric Swalwell through the Chinese Student Association in 2014, when she took part in fundraising for the liberal congressman's 2014 reelection campaign.

The Chinese spy identified as Fang Fang or Christine Fang had used "campaign fundraising, networking, and rallies as well as romantic relationships with at least two Midwestern mayors to gain proximity to political power", including Eric Swalwell, according to a Fox News report.

Fox News also clarified that the FBI had intervened and warned the targeted US officials of the risk posed by the suspected Chinese spy before any classified information was shared with her.

Yet, allegations of Eric Swalwell having an affair with the Chinese spy remain unconfirmed, despite a statement made by Eric Swalwell saying he "did not share sensitive information" with her.

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