'Consider Him Dead': Saudi Influencer Celebrates Her Divorce in a Wedding Dress

Published January 30th, 2020 - 04:35 GMT
Screenshot // Twitter
Screenshot // Twitter

The Saudi influencer, Amira Al-Nasser, stirred quite the debate on social media, after she announced her divorce from her husband in an unconventional way.

Amira posted a video celebrating the divorce from her ex-husband wearing a white dress, which she was supposed to wear at her wedding anniversary party.

Translation: “The hashtag #حفل_طلاق_اميره_الناصر (Amira Al-Nasser's divorce party) went viral after a Saudi influencer shared a video of herself celebrating her divorce in a wedding dress."

In the video, Amira says that she used to wear the dress, which was designed by a well-known fashion designer in the Kingdom, during the wedding anniversary ceremony with her husband Meshal, but this anniversary, she’s celebrating their divorce instead.

Translation: "A woman who celebrates her divorce and makes it public like that has no manners and was not raised right. This woman is crazy and in denial, she shouldn't have made this public, she should have had some self respect."

She added that she did this to prove to herself and to every divorced woman that life does not depend on any man, no matter what, and that these ex-husbands must be considered dead upon divorce.

Translation: “Her dress reminds me of cheap dresses I find at tailor shops.”

Reactions from social media users sites about the incident were divided between those who accused her of seeking attention at the expense of her personal life, and those who supported her attitude, assuring her that life does not stop for anyone.

Translation: “If this is how she thinks and behaves, I don’t blame her husband for divorcing her.”

Translation: “Regardless of her reaction, divorce breaks any woman’s heart, and I understand what she is going through as a divorced woman myself.”

Translation: “This isn’t the end of the world. Consider it a new page that opened up for you and start fresh.”

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