Coronavirus and Israeli-Extremists Clasping Hands Against the Palestinians

Published March 8th, 2020 - 10:46 GMT
Coronavirus and Israeli-Extremists Clasping Hands Against the Palestinians
Coronavirus invading the Palestinian territories (Twitter)


On the 6th of March, Palestine declared a state of emergency in the occupied West Bank over Coronavirus. The Palestinian authority declared that 7 people tested positive and as a result the Nativity Church and all of Bethlahem was ordered to closedown. 

After the widespread news and social media horror over the epidemic that took 3,600 lives so far and still counting, the Israeli side and online pro-Israeli activists managed to see a “positive” side in Coronavirus invading the Palestinian territories; a new justified reason for limiting Palestinians’ movement and containing them even more than usual in front of the eyes of the world.

In reality, for the Palestinians, this is still apartheid and racial discrimination at its finest.

Many Israelis’ took the opportunity to spread their own hate statements all over the internet. Some described the coronavirus invading the West Bank as great news and others hoped that it spreads faster and kills better.

Still, some argue these biased groups evidently lack knowledge on how epidemics work. By the end of the day, Coronavirus does not choose its patients based on their background, ethnicity or race. And so one’s wisest option is to be careful what they wish for, for this is bad news for all.

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