Is creating Bitmoji haram?

Published March 2nd, 2023 - 02:50 GMT

ALBAWBA - Social media users have been debating the halal statue of creating a Bitmoji, which is a cartoon avatar on the shape of each person.

In an Instagram post, a Muslim sheikh was asked "Is it permissible to create and use Bitmoji on Snapchat?"


The Sheikh answered: "It's permissible Inshala."

He maintained that it shouldn't be "haram," an Arabic term that means forbidden or unlawful, because it's not something glorified and that it's only virtual.

He maintained that al-sahaba, Arabic for the companions of Prophet Muhammad, used to add pieces in the shape of a lion or an eagle's heads on the top of their swords.

The video, shared in February, gained a high number of engagement, with people debating if Bitmoji is haram or halal. 

A person said: "It's not halal's haram to create something like that."

Another commented: "Not every sheikh's perspective is accurate."

"There's a Hadith about image making," the commentator said, referring to saying by the prophet.

Another poster said that adding animal shapes on swords is a whole different matter than creating a Bitmoji on social media.

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