Dark Money not Black Money! Buttigieg Awkwardly Apologizes to Black Audience for Tongue Slip

Published February 11th, 2020 - 07:12 GMT
Buttigieg Talks About "Black Money" in a Room Full of African Americans and Awkwardly Apologizes to the Crowd
Pete Buttigieg is the youngest among the 2020 presidential elections and is the only gay prospective candidate. (Shutterstock)

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had an awkward moment during a talk in front of an African American audience where he misspoke, referring to dark money as "black money" instead, before apologizing and quickly correcting himself amid chuckles from the crowd.

In the brief viral clip, Buttigieg can be seen expressing his views on finances invested in political campaigns by undisclosed sources without government regulation, known as dark money. But instead of saying dark money, he says black money before apologizing and trying to recover from his slip of the tongue.

"Oh sorry. Dark money, I'm always happy to take black money contributions into my campaign," Buttigieg says in the video.

The video seemed to stir strong reactions online, with many people pointing out that Buttigieg's immediate correction doesn't change the fact that he used a racially charged phrase.

On the other hand, some tweets saluted his quick recovery, praising his reaction to his mistake, saying that instantly apologizing for it "shows decency".

Some commentators didn't think that his slip was the problem, but rather the way he proceeded to explain what dark money is to the crowd.

Others felt that his stance demanding a constitutional change that allows the government to regulate citizens' financial contributions to politics is "quite disturbing".

Additionally, some Twitter users wondered how the media would have covered this slip of the tongue if it was Donald Trump, saying that it would have prompted a huge backlash.

Pete Buttigieg is a military veteran and current mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He is also the youngest among the 2020 hopeful presidential nominees and is the only gay prospective candidate.

Last week, Buttigieg was able to take the lead in the first Democratic caucus, winning 26.2% in Iowa slightly ahead of Bernie Sanders. 

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