A Day That Changed The World: Where Were You on 9/11?

Published September 12th, 2021 - 08:56 GMT
9/11 attacks
9/11 attacks (AFP File Photo)

ALBAWABA – Social media hashtag: Where were you on 9/11 is now trending on the social media.

This year is the 20th anniversary of that day that America was attacked with planes hitting New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington. It was horrific, tremendous and horrible because of its audacity, ferocity and thousands of deaths.

This week 9/11 is remembered but individual stories speak louder than words.

When you ask that question, some people may give you an answer straight away, other time people just have to stop and think. However, the date of Tuesday 11 September conjures up powerful images.

Surprisingly, people young and old exactly knew what they were doing at exact points in time. One said “It’s a day burned in my memory,” with the post stating many people feel the same way, as it is a day that is impossible to forget. No doubt because of the powerful acts and huge images on television.

Another plainly said she was working at the US Embassy in Budapest and “we watched the news about the first plane hitting the [World] Trade Center and when the second plane hit, everyone scrambled trying to get home.” This was the touch of almost-hysteria the event created in the mind of everyone all over the world. They were glued to the television in the office and/or at home.

Another said 9/11 is a day that will live in history and among us for a very long time with “emotions” running deep in the United States like “raw wounds” that are yet to heal despite the fact that it took place two decades ago.

As well, little things stick in your head when something like that happens. How many time you’ve eaten ice cream in your life, can you remember where and when? One said on that beleaguered he went to his car, put on loud music, drove to the ice cream house when he heard the terrible “goosebumps” news! For many the ice cream becomes associated with a terrible day like this, or even a terrible event. The other perspective maybe quite different.

Another question that is being asked is how old were you when 9/11 happened and it also generated lots of comments.

One said he was just 12 when 9/11 happened, he was in grade 12 in social studies class when the teacher brought out the television and the pupils watched in “total shock and silence”. This day would be indelibly inked on their memory. Another said he was in just grade 1 and he remembers the teacher telling them to sit in one corner of the room and started to explain what was happening. No doubt he explained in as simple language as possible so that the little kids can understand the enormity of what had just happened. To remember 20 years later is quite something.

Another from 11th grade remembers the history class teacher, a Mr Thomas, he was extremely cross when the pupils didn’t realize the seriousness of what just happened and told them just “shut up and listen” at this catastrophe.

Another 6th grader later said the attacks changed everyone forever.  Another said he was just six years he couldn’t remember exactly what happened on that day but come to realizes the seriousness of the event as he grew older.


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