Dubai uses AI to apprehend suspected killer

Published February 23rd, 2023 - 10:34 GMT
Dubai Police

ALBAWABA - Dubai Police succeeded in exploiting its advanced system of modern security technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, to arrest a murder suspect hours after committing a crime.

Dubai Police used AI techniques, modern tracking cameras, as well as face recognition cameras to arrest a preparator, who was identified as an Asian. He allegedly killed another person after a dispute over $40.

According to the information circulated, the perpetrator confessed to his crime, after being arrested in record time of the incident. He said he bought a knife "to threaten" the victim, after a dispute between them over a sum of money. But the matter escalated, and he stabbed him and fled from the scene.

Dubai is widely known for having an advanced system of modern security technologies that contribute to reducing crime and speeding up the arrest of offenders. Not to mention the efficiency and speed of the search and investigation teams.



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