Egyptian Man Who Burned His Wife to Death for Being Infertile is Acquitted in Court

Published December 5th, 2019 - 11:08 GMT
Rami Khoury/ Al Bawaba
Rami Khoury/ Al Bawaba

A tragic incident has occupied the Egyptian public after man set fire to his wife, Aya Mohamed Seed Abdal Tawab, and killed her because she was unable to have children.

When Jamal al-Sayyid Ali Ahmed learned of his wife's infertility, he and his mother began verbally and physically abusing her.

He then tied Aya from her hands and legs, poured gasoline over her and set her on fire before the neighbors called for an ambulance.

She died in hospital due to lung burns and skin burns that damaged 70% of her body. 

Online, angry Egyptians demanded justice for Aya and called for her story to be shared to raise awareness. 

But justice for Aya's case was difficult as her father is dead, her mother suffers from a heart condition, and her brother is blind.

Her husband, on the other hand, hired a prominent lawyer who was able to acquit him by finding witnesses to testify in his favor and deny his responsibility. 

The painful incident sparked anger among women's rights activists, who blamed the stigma of infertility in the Middle East for fueling a culture of violence toward women, demanding that it must be stopped and that domestic abusers be held accountable for their crimes.

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