Egyptian Uber Driver Fired for Taking her Baby to Work

Published May 9th, 2022 - 10:37 GMT
Uber driver fired for taking her baby with her
Uber. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)

A female Uber driver in Egypt, called Izza, has complained after being fired from her job for taking her little son with her on work rides. 

According to Daraj Media, Izza said that she had to work as an Uber driver to support her family after breaking up with her husband who refused to pay the divorce alimony.

Women's rights activists have taken it to social media to defend and show support to the Uber driver after she lost her job for taking her three-year-old son with her in the car.

According to the Uber driver, the company has received a complaint from a rider who said that the baby was disrupting the ride.

After the complaint, Uber company decided to fire the 33-year-old mother for taking her baby with her during her work.

Captain Izza said that she always carries her child with her as there's no other place to leave him adding that she always explains the reasons for riders and most of them show huge support for her normally.

She added that she had worked previously as a restaurant manager and has recently went back to work as a driver to support her family after divorcing her husband.

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