Egyptian woman dies in car accident due to harassment

Published November 23rd, 2022 - 06:00 GMT
car accident
Egyptian woman Rihan Sarraj, 22, was killed in a tragic car accident. (Twitter)
Rihan's sister suffers double fractures in the pelvis and feet due to the incident.

ALBAWABA - An Egyptian woman, called Rihan Saraj, died in a tragic car accident after being harassed by a man in his car in Cairo. Four other girls inside the car were injured.

According to sources, Rihan, her sister, and their friends were together inside the car after leaving one of their friends' party when a man in his car got in their way leading them to a tragic accident near Nasr city, Egypt.

Rihan's father said that the man at the beginning started to harass them then he hit their car from the back and continued to follow them until they crashed the bridge last Thursday.

A social media campaign with the trending hashtag "#حق_ريهان_سراج which means Rehan Siraj's right" was launched as people called to strictly punish the harasser for disregarding people's souls.

Rawan Sarraj, 25, sister of Rihan is said to suffer double fractures in the pelvis and feet due to the incident. While one of the other girls, called Donia Montaser, was hurt in her eyes.

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