Elon Musk: Humans to Colonise Mars and Live Inside Glass Domes by 2050

Published November 23rd, 2020 - 06:47 GMT
Humans to Colonise Mars and Live Inside Glass Domes by 2050. (Twitter)
Humans to Colonise Mars and Live Inside Glass Domes by 2050. (Twitter)
By 2050 about one million people will be living on Mars 'the Red Planet'.

By Sally Shakkour

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, has raised concerns after revealing that humans are likely to build a whole, independent colony on Mars and live inside huge, glass domes by 2050.

Musk added that the environment inside ‘glass domes’ will be the same as the Earth and that the simplest life condition will be available such as Oxygen, water, gravity, and Sun.

In a tweet, SpaceX CEO revealed that in the beginning people will live inside the domes then they will end up terraforming Mars; to support earthlings life by 2050 we will likely witness 1 million people on the Red Planet.

Twitter users have shown mixed reactions on the news revealing that several studies have shown it is impossible to live on Mars, supporting their theories with actual facts.

Yet, Elon Musk has spoken four years ago about using glass domes as habitats on the Red Planet. He added; glass panes with carbon fiber frames could be used to build geodesic domes on the Martian surface, while mining droids could build pressurized caves underground for industrial operations. 

However, NASA said that it is likely to cancel the upcoming human trip to the Moon in 2024 due to lack of funding, scheduling problems and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

People have been asking about the possibility of living on Mars for quite some time and a lot of theories have been issued about how to make it possible, beside the several discoveries which were made proving the existence of water on the Red Planet. Until this moment though, Mars doesn’t seem to officially have the suitable conditions for humans to live on, at least not to our knowledge. Would you migrate to Mars, if Musk’s plans became a reality? 

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