Fake Michael Jackson eyelash sold for $2000

Published March 19th, 2023 - 01:15 GMT
Michael Jackson
Collection of CD covers of the first three solo albums by MICHAEL JACKSON. (Shutterstock)

ALBAWABA - A fake eyelash which was said to be belonging to Michael Jackson was sold for over $2,000 on eBay.

The Michael Jackson eyelash auction on eBay stirred debate among the King of Pop's fans and lovers who immediately said it is possibly fake as the auction started at a low price of $8.

The Michael Jackson Vibe website reported on March 16 that the account that posted the auction is possibly fake as it was created in February and had sold zero items before the eyelash.

This is not the first time, people usually use the King of Pop's huge number of fans to scam them by selling items that can not be belonging to Michael Jackson including memorabilia, autographs and now the eyelash which there's no way to prove if it belongs to Jackson.

However and despite the possibility of being a scam, the fake Michael Jackson eyelash was eventually sold for $2,025 on eBay. 

A fan wrote: "See…I knew somebody was dumb enough to buy it."

Another person added: "first off how do you know it’s actually his?? & 2nd an eyelash that would be lost the second I got it."

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