First-of-its-Kind Gay Wedding in Algeria Sparks Controversy

Published April 16th, 2019 - 12:37 GMT

A couple of photos have been shared on social media for the first gay wedding party held in Algeria.

While the timing of the wedding was not confirmed, social media users confirmed it took place in Algeria, a North African country where homosexuality is criminalized.

Photos showed two young men celebrating their wedding among friends.

Meanwhile, the photos have been widely shared on social media platforms among Algerians, receiving massive reactions on the internet.

While many have acclaimed a gay wedding in Algeria as a step forward for the Muslim-majority country where the LGBT+ community usually faces criminalization and denial, others have considered it as a “shame”.

Algeria is currently experiencing historical changes with people protesting in streets for weeks and successfully overthrowing the long-ruling strongman, Abdel Aziz Bouteflika wishing for better future amid high rates of poverty and unemployment.

Yet, some opinions considered holding a gay wedding in Algeria is a result of the uprising, which they called “unrest”, or maybe an attempt to distract Algerians from pursuing democracy through protest.

Translation: “Good news resulted from the revolution: First-of-its-kind gay wedding held in Algeria yesterday.”

Homosexuality in Algeria is criminalized and the LGBT+ community still face legal and massive social challenges that prevent many homosexuals of 'coming out' for fears of being criminalized or even killed.

Earlier in February 2019, a third-year medical student was killed by two unknown assailants who slit his throat and then proceeded to write “He is gay” on his room’s wall, before stealing his car and fleeing the scene.

That traumatizing homophobic crime shocked Algeria. Yet, no official response or measures were taken to prevent similar crimes in the future.

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