#FreeBritney Hashtag, Trump and Iran Story

Published February 10th, 2021 - 11:32 GMT
#FreeBritney: Here is how the Britney Spears hashtag is about more than just a celebrity
Several hashtags have been trending with the pop star's name. (Shutterstock: Anton_Ivanov)

Having been one of the world's leading pop stars more than a decade ago, it is not strange to see Britney Spears name trending online, but the reason thousands of social media users have been talking about Spears is completely different from her music career.

For many years, 39-year old Spears has been facing a number of legal cases all related to her father Jaime Spears, who has been trying to maintain his position as her financial conservator since 2008.

Yet, legal developments between the pop icon and her father have recently drawn the attention of millions of people, especially after the documentary "Framing Britney Spears" was broadcast earlier this week, prompting social media users to launch the hashtag #FreeBritney, through which they expressed their support to Britney.


Twitter users pointed at their support for the pop star who has for years been under her father's control, following her drug problems, calling her father a "toxic controlling man".

Online commentators have also drawn comparisons between Britney's situation as a woman under strict control from her father, on the basis of mental instability, and the former US President Donald Trump; arguing that he was just as unfit to handle critical issues. Some users suggested that the "public tend to have higher tolerance towards unstable men."

Moreover, some tweets seized the moment to highlight the importance of awareness when it comes to mental health and its consequences, calling on others to show support for the star at such hard times.

Some comments also pointed at the irony of what Jaime Spears has been putting his own daughter through for 12 years, compared to the support she continues to receive from her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who comes from an Iranian Middle Eastern background, a culture often portrayed in western media as oppressive towards women.

Finally, some comments shed light on the role played by several media outlets and tabloids, which has for years placed Spears under harsh criticism for mishaps in her life.

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