The Full Story Of MBS's Meeting With The Porn Star He Paid $400 Million For

Published March 15th, 2021 - 09:33 GMT
Mohammad bin Salman and Alexa Jago
Hollywood Reporter detailed a meeting between MBS and Alexa Jago in 2019. (Twitter)

A lengthy report by the Hollywood Reporter has revealed a never-heard-of account of a 2019 meeting between Saudi Arabia's young Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and American producer and actress Alexa Jago, whose filmography includes adult films.

While the report was meant to shed light on the connections of American producer Joel Silver, especially financial troubles and tight competition he had in the industry, the report also went into details about an encounter between the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia often referred to by his initials as MBS, and Alexa Jago, which has immensely sparked the interest of online commentators.

According to THR, Jago was invited to a dinner with Saudi investors in London as founder and executive chairman of Genesis Media Capital in the early months of 2019, but the cancellation of the event was followed by an invitation to fly aboard a private jet to Saudi Arabia to meet the Crown Prince.

The fact that the meeting was initiated only weeks after the global response to the gruesome murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in his country's consulate in Turkey, one that many media sources speculated a direct involvement of MBS in, had caused Jago's mother to warn her of flying to Saudi alone.

Consequently, the American producer and actress called Joel Silver who happened to be in London and agreed to accompany her on the trip. Then she describes a private jet that flew them to "an unused airport in the middle of the desert," in addition to an almost-empty hotel nearby. Finally, a helicopter flew them briefly to a bonfire evening where they met with MBS.

The actress continued to describe the evening, saying that MBS talked about his vision for his country, especially reforms he was planning for women, besides briefly "talking about the Khashoggi incident, to which he denied any involvement." During the evening, MBS allegedly addressed Joel Silver, who is Jewish, telling him "we are cousins then," but added that the two men did not get along well. 

Finally, Jago reports that MBS was "quite happy with meeting her, promising her $1 billion of investments of which he had paid $400 million, while giving her the thumbs up."

Translation: "If anyone asks about Saudi's economic troubles, tell them that MBS has paid $400 million to the porn star Alexa Jago."

Translation: "MBS tells the media he is fighting corruption while he is secretly giving $400 million to American porn star Alexa Jago, according to the Hollywood Reporter."

As soon as the report was published last Thursday, social media commentators expressed their shock at the fact that MBS had invested millions of dollars in the movie industry through a not-very-famous actress, while he was publicly attacking the country's businessmen and wealthy princes over corruption accusations.

Some users also termed the encounter as the "dirty dinner," referring to the content of Jargo's films. 

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