"Gays for the Revolution": LGBT Rights Activists Take Part in Lebanon Protests

Published December 19th, 2019 - 04:05 GMT
LGBT people play a role in Lebanon protests (Shutterstock)
LGBT people play a role in Lebanon protests (Shutterstock)

People from all over the spectrum took to the streets to participate in the Lebanese revolution that has been taking over the country since October 17th. Among the participants in the demonstrations are people from the LGBT community, who are putting out their slogans "homosexuality is not an insult" and "gays for the revolution" in protest of the harassment they have been experiencing during the protests. 

Translation: "Gays for the revolution." 

 Translation: "Homosexuality is not an insult." 

This slogan was launched by an LGBT rights group on Facebook: “To all our followers and believers, if you here hateful, homophobic or transphobic things against the LGBT community during the protests, don't be afraid to respond and fight back. We're a part of the protest and we have the right to take to the streets too. Homosexuality is not an offense.”

Translation: “Don’t let the hate and insulting get to you. Be proud of your sexuality and fight back.”

This is not the only phrase that symbolizes the participation of LGBT people in the demonstrations. Many slogans supporting LGBT rights are spread on the walls, including "lesbians against homophobia" and the slogan "a revolution for workers' rights... homosexuals... for Lebanese transgenders." 

LGBT people's participation in the Lebanon revolution was the object of criticism of some critics of the revolution, including the Lebanese director Charbel Khalil, who had attacked the revolution, claiming that the aim of the protesters is to implement laws supporting homosexuality, where he said in an interview: "Many took to the streets, in hopes that if this revolution succeeds, and laws are passed out of sectarianism, they will be able to pass laws supporting their homosexuality."

Translation: “These protesters aim to legalize LGBT rights in the country if the protest succeeds..” 

In addition, another Lebanese journalist, Joseph Abu Fadel, attacked and criticized the revolution and considered it a "sodomy revolution" and that its aim is to legalize gay marriage in Lebanon and considered it totally unacceptable because it “destroys the values ​​and morals” of Lebanese society.

Translation: “All these gay terrorist protesters should be arrested.. Homosexuality is banned by the law.”

Soon, Charbel Khalil and Joseph Abu Fadel came under attack and criticism on social media, who defended the Lebanese protesters and argued that their aim is to fix the country’s political corruption. 

Translation: “How can we ever convince these people that the protesters are not protesting for LGBT rights but political corruption in Lebanon?

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