Graphic: Videos of Brutal Dog Torture in Saudi Prompt Social Media War Against Animal Cruelty

Published November 28th, 2019 - 06:48 GMT

Shocking videos of men in Saudi torturing dogs sparked massive outrage on social media.

One video showed a man beating his dog and cursing while he brutally tortured it for “making a mess.”

Translation: "A video of a man beating his dog has circulated social media. The man supposedly punished his dog for making a mess, and activists are demanding his arrest." 

Translation: "He abandons his dog for God knows how long and expect him to keep the place tidy, then tortures him for it.. This man is an animal, not the dog."

Translation: "The man should be punished for his crime, and according to the Ministry of Environment, he should be charged with 400,000 SAR and serve jail time.”

Another video of Saudi men cutting a puppy's tail off was also shared on social media.

Translation: “My heart shattered watching this..”

In addition to the two brutal videos, one Twitter user shared a video of a truck in a Saudi desert running over a dog multiple times, torturing it until it died.

As a response to the brutal footage of animal abuse that was shared on Saudi social media, activists created a hashtag #شخص_يعنف_كلب (Dog abuse), demanding the arrest of the men in the videos.

The incidents raised concerns on matters of animal rights in the Kingdom. Authorities are yet to make a statement on the issue and the fate of the abusers remains unknown.

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