Gruesome Murders: Slaying of Mom, Three Daughters Rocks Lebanon

Published March 27th, 2022 - 10:56 GMT
Three daughters, their mom were murdered.
A mother and her three daughters were killed in Ansar village, Lebanon. (Twitter)

Written by Sally Shakkour

The Lebanese street is shaken following the murder of a mother and her three daughters in the village of Ansar in the south of the country. This is especially after the release of the crime details.

Lebanese are seeing this as the first horrific crime that happened in the country in decades. Manal, Tala, and Rema Safawi as well as their mother Basima Abbas were killed in cold blood at the hands of Hussain Fayad.

The Lebanese authorities revealed Fayad was planning his crime for months. Sources showed the man who was in a relationship with Tala, 20, invited the family to dinner outside their home when he committed the terrible crime.

At night, the driver who took the three young ladies and their mother changed his way to an empty area where the bodies of the four were later found. When they arrived at a cave another man called Hasan al-Ghannash was waiting to help the murderer.

After leaving the car, the killer used a 'bomb action' weapon shooting the victims fatally in the chest and head. Later on, police reports showed Fayad and his Syrian friend lifted the bodies and buried them inside the cave.

After committing the crime, the police revealed the killer went to a nearby hostel where he took a shower and changed his clothes before sending a message from Tala's phone to her cousin aiming to brush off suspicion from him. It was a crime story out of a book only this time it was horribly real.

Multiple hashtags were released on the social media following the horrific crime, included "#جريمة_انصار and #حسين_فياض" as human rights activists called for the death penalty to be imposed on the killer.

Motives for the crimes are still unknown, but people shared multiple photos of Fayad where he was seen holding dead animals bragging to kill them. The police said investigations are still underway to uncover more details.

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