Harrowing Video of UAE Mother Torturing Daughter Sparks Anger

Published February 19th, 2020 - 05:30 GMT
Screenshot // Twitter
Screenshot // Twitter

A mother in Abu Dhabi has been arrested for torturing her own child and recording the abuse in a video that recently went viral on social media. 

The Abu Dhabi Police said the woman was nabbed soon after the video triggered reactions from social media users condemning the abuse. 

The four-second clip showed her shouting at a girl, holding her by the leg, and dragging her down the stairs as the toddler screams.

Translation: “Anybody, if you have any information about this little girl please let me know.” 

Investigations revealed that the incident happened following a dispute between the woman and her husband, the child's father. Police then referred the mother to the public prosecution. 

Translation: “Where is the father? There are mothers out there who let out their anger on their kids, and with the absence of the father, it only gets worse..” 

"There is no tolerance for anyone who harms or mistreats children and all necessary measures have to be taken against them in accordance with the UAE law," the Abu Dhabi Police said in a statement.

Translation: "We shall not spare or tolerate anyone mistreating or abusing children. Strict actions have to be taken to prevent violence against children in accordance with the UAE law."

The UAE has enacted laws and legislation that guarantee children's rights right from the moment of his or her birth until adulthood. 

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