'He Beat Me for 20 Years': Jordanian Mother Speaks Up About Abusive Husband in Live Video

Published December 22nd, 2019 - 07:26 GMT
Jordanian Woman in a Live Video Speaks up About Husband’s Abuse and Hospital Mistreatment
Video goes viral as a Jordanian woman speaks up against domestic abuse

Social media witnessed a public outcry over a live video in which a Jordanian woman spoke about being abused by her husband for the last 20 years. She also spoke about being refused treatment by a public hospital unless the Family Protection Unit verified her account with an official statement. 

Sherine Al-Jundi, 39, used Facebook to talk about her experience during 20 years of marriage, explaining that she and her five kids have been regularly beaten up, leaving her with suicidal thoughts.

Sherine described her husband as a trouble maker with a criminal record known to the police and urged the public to share her video across social media, hoping to receive help from Queen Rania of Jordan.

In her video, Sherine further explained how she and her kids were denied treatment at a public hospital unless she brings an official statement from the Family Protection Unit, or deposits a certain amount of money in order for her to receive medical treatment.

Social media users widely shared her story and urged officials to take action to protect her and her kids. They also condemned the recurrence of women’s abuse incidents in Jordan during the last few months, particularly after a Jordanian man gouged his wife's eyes out in November, triggering public fury.  

Some commentators launched the hashtag #أين_شيرين_الجندي (Where is Sherine Al-Jundi?), expressing worries about her safety after her page was deactivated.

Translation: "It's been a routine every one or two weeks to launch a hashtag with the name of a domestic abuse victim's name, when will this stop?"

Translation: "Does she have to die or lose an eye so human rights organizations take action?"

According to its official Facebook page, The Jordanian National Commission for Women announced that they have offered help to Sherine who is now in ‘safe hands’, and that her husband has been arrested and will be brought to justice.

Translation: "The National Committee for women's affairs along with the department of Family Protection have followed up on the case of Msr. Sherine Al-Jundi who appeared in a video speaking up about domestic violence. The department of Family Protection took immediate action and was able to reach out to the lady. They provided her with needed protection and health care and have issued a medical report according to her condition. The suspect has been arrested and the necessary legal process is taking place."

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