How Is SCOTUS’s Amy Coney Barrett Harming the Ohio Child Rape Victim?

Published July 17th, 2022 - 08:16 GMT
How Is SCOTUS’s Amy Coney Barrett Harming the Ohio Child Rape Victim?
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Online people have been heavily interacting with news of an Indiana-based doctor who received threats by a group connected to Amy Coney Barrett, after she performed an abortion on a 10-year-old child whose pregnancy was a result of a rape incident.

Doctor Caitlin Bernard testified that she received several threats from anti-abortion people after her name was listed on a website of a conservative "pro-life" group linked to Amy Coney Barrett, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States before she was appointed to SCOTUS by Donald Trump in October 2020.

Among the threats that were reported to the FBI in 2020, one was a warning of kidnapping the doctor's daughter.

Because of her routine first trimester abortions at Indiana clinics, Caitlin Bernard's name and information were posted by an extremist anti-abortion group from Indiana called "Right to Life Michiana", which according to the Guardian had posted an advertisement in the South Bend Tribune in 2006, calling the now reversed Roe vs. Wade law "barbaric".

The ad was then signed by Amy Coney Barrett, who was teaching at the University of Notre Dame.

Caitlin Bernard's name also made it to headlines in recent days following the story of a 10-year-old girl from Ohio who was reported to have fallen pregnant after being raped by a 27-years old man from the same state. 

Caitlin Bernard performed the abortion for the Ohio rape victim in Indiana last month, several days after the Supreme Court of the United States outlawed the Roe vs. Wade law, which effectively banned abortions in the state of Ohio.

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Social media people responded to the news with growing anger towards justice Amy Coney Barrett, not only because of her vote to ban abortions across the United States but also because of her ties to the Right to Life Michiana and their role in threatening doctors who perform abortions in the United States.

Violence against doctors who perform abortions were reported over the years. According to the National Abortion Federation, 11 medical and health providers were murdered in the United States since 1977, in addition to 42 bombing attacks against health clinics where abortions were performed.

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