Instead of Uniting Humanity, COVID-19 Is Re-Igniting the US-China Cold War

Published March 17th, 2020 - 06:57 GMT
Instead of Uniting Humanity, Covid-19 Is Re-Igniting the US-China Cold War
Politicians have managed to use the novel coronavirus to exchange political and media attacks. (Shutterstock)

The US and China don't seem to spare any chance to attack each other with accusations even during the global pandemic that's plaguing people randomly irrespective of their nationality or background. Not surprisingly, politicians have managed to use the novel Coronavirus to exchange attacks in the political and media arenas.

Over the past few weeks, people from East Asian backgrounds all over the world have been reporting racist incidents and remarks by those associating them with the epidemic origin. 

US President Donald Trump and Fox News were no exception. Not only did Trump call the virus a foreign one a few days ago, but his latest tweet also described it as a "Chinese virus", which stirred a lot of backlash across the world.

Moreover, Fox News' Tucker Carlson blamed the virus on the Chinese government in his opening monologue last night. He also accused China of "hiding the truth about the virus from the rest of the world, leading to today's worldwide pandemic".

Additionally, Carlson addressed American viewers asking them to blame the economic recession the country is approaching on "the Chinese virus."

Some online commentators showed support for these remarks, saying that China should take responsibility for "the mess it's created".

Still, others questioned the motives behind such accusations and whether they stem from genuine concern or are just another attempt to help the US President keep his fan-base during the elections year despite the hardly-hit economy.

Last week, a Chinese official also blamed the Coronavirus on the US army, saying that its members may have brought the virus to the Chinese city of Wuhan.

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