Jerash Columns 'Horribly Defaced', Jordan Police Look For Vandals

Published May 8th, 2022 - 12:43 GMT
The Jarash archaeological site
'defaced' columns in Jarash (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Its trending news. Its shameful and a disgrace because its an attack on archaeological treasures in Jordan.

The social media is filled with hashtags; the news is going viral with many clearly upset at what had recently happened. These are precious Jordanian treasures that must not be defaced but they were unfortunately.  

The place is archaeological awe-inspiring Jerash whose present site is long extended over a long stretch of land that goes back to the Greek, Byzantine and the Romans. Its destruction and vandalism reaching the point of sacrilege and is profane because of the archaeological secrets it conveys and unravels. 

The old city of Jerash consists of columned streets, plazas, theaters, auditoriums and much more that are a part of humanity and with existed in antiquity and carried forward. 

Vandals managed to get to the archaeological site in Jerash and spray some of its columns with black paint; its awful because it damages the centuries-old structure. Its willful vandalism, malicious destruction and damage to precious public property. 

Police have opened an investigation and are looking for the vandals. Picture and images of the ruinous spray is disastrous and will take much time and precision work to remove the graffiti off and restore the columns to their original look, say officials in the Jordan Department of Archaeology who are dismayed.


 Its bad for the country and bad for tourism that is essential for Jordan. People come from all over the world and from Europe and the United States to see such treasures.


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