Jordanian Woman Killed By Ex-husband In Court On Women's Day

Published March 9th, 2021 - 07:22 GMT
crime in court room
Local sources have reported that attempts to revive the woman's condition failed amid an urgent surgery. (Shutterstock: Zolnierek Edited by Al Bawaba)

On international women's day, Jordanian local media sources reported a shocking crime that took place inside the Sharia court in Russeifa near Amman, as a man stabbed his ex-wife on a hearing day leading to her death soon after.

Translation: "Good morning. Today, a man stabbed his ex-wife using scissors inside the Sharia court in Russeifa, Jordan. She's now at Prince Faisal Hospital and the man has been arrested. He's stabbed her in the court room. The very place where laws come into effect."

According to several online sources, the 50-something-year old wife has been divorcing her husband as they met on a hearing in the court before he used a pair of scissors to stab her near the heart.

Paramedics were immediately called and transferred the woman who remained unnamed to a nearby hospital, where she underwent an urgent surgery during which she passed away.

A few hours later, a police statement confirmed arresting the murderer, saying that a thorough investigation has been already started in preparation to persecute him as per Jordanian laws.

Translation: "I am a woman in Jordan and I wake up every day with the fear of having to mourn another woman victim"

Responding to the news, social media users expressed their frustration with the recurrent crimes against women in the last several years, saying that laws have not been strict enough to stop men's violations against women, especially that the latest victim was attacked inside the courtroom.

Translation: "This is how women's day is celebrated in Arab countries, they dance on top of women's dead bodies"

In 2020, the Jordanian Women Solidarity Institute (SIGI) reported 17 cases in which women were murdered by immediate family members in Jordan, compared to 20 victims during 2019.

Online commentators called on Jordanian lawmakers to exert more effort into stopping similar crimes by issuing new laws that can effectively deter men from committing such crimes.

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