July Video of Biden Denying Taliban’s Ability to Control Afghanistan Goes Viral

Published August 16th, 2021 - 11:07 GMT
The Taliban takes over the Afghan capital Kabul.
Biden denies Taliban's possibility to take over Afghanistan and US air force taking officials from Kabul Embassy. (Twitter)
36 days separated Biden's video denying the Taliban's take over Afghanistan and the US air force plane transferring officials from Kabul Embassy.

A video of US president Joe Biden in a press conference denying the possibility of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan has gone viral on Sunday after the fall of the capital Kabul.

Biden’s video was taped on July 8, 2021- 36 days before the defeat of the Afghan government and the control of the militants over major cities in the country.

In the video, a reporter asks Biden “Is the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?”; “No, 
It’s not,” the president answers with a total denial justifying that Afghanistan has over 300K well-occupied and well trained troops.

Moreover, another reporter commented that the US intelligence community predicted that the Afghan government will be defeated by the Taliban. Biden immediately rejected the claim “That’s not true.”

Not only did the president reject the idea of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan shortly after the withdrawal of US troops, he also denounced the reporter when she compared what is happening in Afghanistan with Vietnam.

“The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese Army,” he added, highlighting the differences between the capability and the capacity of the Taliban vs. the Vietnamese army. People mocked Biden after he revealed that there’s no way we can see staff being lifted from the roof of the US embassy in Afghanistan.

However, people shared the video along with  photos and video of the US air force helicopter flying over the US embassy in Kabul to transfer American officials and citizens from the country.

Several hashtags were launched against US president after the fall of Kabul into the hands of the Taliban Islamic movement including #IMPEACHBIDENNOW, #BidenDisaster, #IMPEACHBIDENHARRIS and #PelosiDisaster. 

Former president Donald Trump took the chance to call Joe Biden to resign in disgrace over the chaotic Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

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