Lebanese man kills himself, leaves voice note

Published March 2nd, 2023 - 05:21 GMT
Lebanese man Mousa Shami
The Lebanese man Mousa Shami committed suicide due to the harsh situation in Lebanon.. (Twitter)

ALBAWABA - A Lebanese man killed himself due to the horrific and deteriorating economic situation in the country. 

ِA man named, Mousa Shami, committed suicide by shooting himself using a gun in front of his building in Deir El Zahrani village, southern Lebanon. 

Shami left a 'heartbreaking' voice note to one of his friends saying: "If you are hearing this message then I'm dead." He asked him to take care of his wife Doa'a and his children; Jolly and Jawad.

In a shaking voice, he said: "Please forgive me, I can't take it anymore and ask everyone to forgive me."

According to Daraj media, this is the second suicide case reported in the country in 24 hours. 

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