Lebanese man kills wife in cold-blooded murder

Published March 6th, 2023 - 04:37 GMT
Lebanese woman

ALBAWABA - Crimes and murders against women continue in the Middle East with the latest being the death of a Lebanese woman at the hands of her former husband who shot her to death.

Mona Humsi, 50, was killed in a cold-blooded murder in front of her parent's house in Tripoli, northern Lebanon in the middle of the day.


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The victim's former husband, named Issa Samia, was working for Lebanon's Internal Security Forces before retiring. 

According to her family, Samia used to violently assault his wife and deprived her of seeing her three children when she filed for divorce three years ago.

Videos were shared online showing residents and passengers holding the suspect who killed his wife where he was beaten up before being handed over to the Lebanese police to open an investigation into the murder.

While the victim was transferred to Tripoli Governmental hospital.

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