Lift The Ban on Alcohol in Kuwait and Saudi, a Well-Known Personality Shouts!

Published January 10th, 2022 - 01:00 GMT
Kuwaitis wearing face masks walk inside the re-opened Avenues Mall, the country’s largest shopping centre, on June 30, 2020 in Kuwait City. (AFP)

ALBAWABA - One very hot tweet that is likely to make headway in the Arab world is made by Ahmad Al Jarallah, the old "shiekh" of Kuwaiti journalism and mediascape.

He is tweeting, and boldly, if it might be added for allowing of the drinking of alcohol in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia which means legalising it. He has made this appeal in Arabic ( أبيحوا الخمر في السعودية والكويت ) and it is quite a glaring to come out with this expression in these conservative states. 

Al Jarallah who is the chief editor of the English Arab Times in Kuwait and Al Siyassaha Arabic daily, is well known for his controversial views and spelling them out as clearly as possible.

"Why" you might ask? As if he is trying to say 'let's not kid ourselves, Jarallah might be hitting the nail on its head when points out: Drinks, meaning alcohol, exists in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but through smuggling and sold at very expensive prices and the people who are badly affected are Kuwaitis and Saudis. Why not allow it and let it be under the eyes of the authorities?

He adds this way one can point to its great harm and benefits and potentially stop it. This is the right behaviour because everything that is banned is desirable he adds. An interesting point of view!

He end his tweet by saying "...I don't drink and I don't like to drink alcohol...neither me nor my family at all." This is just to clarify his position.

In another post he says:  Strictness in banning drink in Saudi and Kuwait, and without a doubt, has led to the spread of drugs and local poison factories and led those indulge in this to their deaths. And this is why he is making his views known and heard.

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